Overview of J-LOP4

[Application Closed]

J-LOP4 is the subsidy from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). This is one of the approaches of an internationally appreciated “Cool Japan”. METI provides the subsidy for companies or organizations which are engaged upon promoting and localizing Japanese visual media to overseas. METI aims to support promoting overseas expansion of Japanese content-related industry brought along with the creation of the Japan boom.

※ Please submit applications & performance reports in Japanese. Inspection procedures will also be conduced in Japanese.

Eligibility for Application

  • A company registered by Japanese law.
  • Must follow the local government act.
  • Must be an overseas subsidiary under certain conditions.

Definition of Content

  • Visual content such as broadcast media, films, TV programs, “anime”.
  • Musical content such as music distribution, LIVE.
  • Game content such as home-games, mobile-games.
  • Publish content such as electronic-comics, electronic-books.
  • Character content such as character mascots.
  • Special award approved by the independent committee.

Content Must Meet the Following Criteria to be Approved for Subsidy

  1. Created by a company approved by the Japanese law, and Japanese national and permanent residents are primarily involved and copyrighted partly or wholly.
  2. Created by Japanese national and permanent residents who are the copyright owner and the individual has the copyright partly or wholly.
  3. Created by a Japanese company or the individual which follow (1) or (2) above under collaboration with a foreign company in which the content has the copyright partly or wholly.
  4. Does not apply to the above and is a special award approved by the independent committee.

Content not Considered for Subsidy

  • Adult content which are not approved by the SRO of a third-party organization to access to or buy for people below 18 years of age.
  • Contained an intention of promoting religious or political acts.
  • Implied the defamation of a certain religious or political acts (are followed based on this document)

Expenses Approved for Subsidy

  • Related to overseas travel (travel, accommodation, transportation, etc.)
  • Related to exhibition and participation (exhibition, booth, exhibition registration, etc.)
  • Related to venue and construction (venue, construction/assembly, video equipment, etc.)
  • Related to business operations (production management staff, manual creation, royalties, etc.)
  • Related to promotion (advertisement, publicity, printed marketing materials, etc.)
  • Related to localization (subtitles, dubbing, editing, etc.)

Excluded Expenses

  • Content planning and creation
  • Applicant company labor cost
  • Contractor personal expenses
  • Travel expenses for people other than key personnel
  • Domestic transportation
  • Sales expenses
  • Domestic consumption tax
  • Food and beverage expenses (if not for reception purpose), etc.

Subsidy Rate

Up to 50% of the approved expenses will be subsidized in principle. You may receive two thirds of the allowed expenses provided that companies or organizations, especially focus on the regional economic development under certain conditions.

Examination Criteria

Submitted projects will be evaluated by an “external review committee” commissioned by the executive office, according to the criteria below. Submissions are closed every Friday, and results are sent out within two weeks.

  • Power of content
    ※Powerful and influential content
  • Project content (necessity, strategicness, objective, media appeal and publicity generation, execution capability) Projects that include elements of cooperation and innovativeness, in addition to the above criteria, are preferred.
  • Reasonable cost
  • Contribution to revitalization of the economy to the local community in the case you expect 2/3 of the subsidy rate

Selection Process

The independent committee will review the submitted applications and select the projects that will receive the subsidy.

Application Period

The application was closed on November 10, 2017 since the percentage of the amount adopted for the subsidy budget reached 100%.

Applications for the subsidy shall be received between December 19, 2016, and January 31, 2018. Chosen applicants must submit a report which will be examined, and the subsidy must be received by March 31, 2018.


Please note that the conditions of eligibility and subsidization as specified above may be revised without notice.

For further information, please contact : PR@vipo.or.jp